About Me

I was born in New Orleans in 1990 one minute short of first. As a twin, I have a lifelong fascination with paralleling bodies in stasis. This subjective duality has continued in my romantic relationships—my forever muse. I have a fascination with visual states between binary verbs like merging/pulling apart and absence/ presence and this theme appears often in my work and my perpetual experience of becoming or the feeling that I have only caught glimpses of the intangible “it”—the true muse that keeps me learning and painting as I have done from an early age. My grandmother set up still lives and I remember painting the fur of a stuffed giraffe at 4. I continued studying old masters techniques in intensive workshops and went on to earn my BFA from LSU in painting and drawing with a minor in art history, and my MFA from SMU. I currently reside in Dallas with my partner and pup. I teach at the Creative Arts Center of Dallas and Richland College.